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Maintenance of your new smile after receiving partial dentures or implant dentures, you’ll need to schedule regular dental visits and checkups. As time passes, your jawbone can move and change. To ensure the proper fit of your dentures, you’ll need to often get denture adjustments. Schedule your denture adjustments at Excellence Denture Clinic in Winnipeg. Give us a call to book your appointment.


Why Do You Need Relines?


Over time, the bones in your mouth change and according to that, you need to adjust your dentures. A denture reline can be soft or hard, depending upon how it’s performed on your denture. A soft reline can be done chairside so that you don't have to be without your denture at all. A hard reline requires more time to complete because it’s usually sent out to a lab to redo the hardened base material. 

Complete and Partial Dentures

Find the right set of dentures for yourself.

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