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      1166 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 2A4

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Experienced Denturist in Winnipeg: Excellence Denture Clinic

Your teeth are important and so are your dentures. If either is giving you grief, it may be time to call a qualified denturist. Excellence Denture Clinic in Winnipeg fabricates custom dentures to enhance your comfort, appearance and oral health. Missing teeth can impair your ability to chew food and enunciate properly. If not filled in, that open space will gradually begin to affect your facial structure. Don’t wait to have your smile restored, contact Excellence Denture Clinic today!

Experienced Winnipeg Denturist

Brad Reutcky, DD is an experienced denturist dedicated to improving your quality of life. Whether you’re missing one tooth or all 28, he specializes in the creation of dentures that are properly fitted, aligned and suited to your lifestyle.

Custom Denture Solutions

Are your dentures causing you pain? Don’t settle for outdated, uncomfortable, off-the-shelf dental solutions. Dentures are no longer just an option for the elderly. Removable dentures offer a cost-effective alternative to fixed bridges or cemented crowns. Rest assured; there is more than one type of denture to accommodate your preferences. Our specialties include:

 Complete, partial and immediate dentures
 Implant-supported overdentures
 Arrangement of tooth extractions
 Relines and repairs
 Denture whitening
 Night guards
 Mouth guards
 And more!

It all begins with an examination, so call us today to book your free consultation. Excellence Denture Clinic accepts all dental plans, and our location is wheelchair accessible.

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1166 Pembina Hwy

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